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This a complete list of all skills and tactical disciplines Olivia received during her attendance period in Terran Imperial Academy.Olivia is the IBCI and TMACO officer assigned to Terran Imperial warship ISS Voyager in 2371 and served as the Captain's personal guard for Imperial command officer Kathryn Janeway.

However unknown to them Olivia was a child of the harsh streets of Terra so she knew how to defend herself from various heavily armed street gangs and rogue MACO squads.

After being fed up with her mother's abuse and after finding the true story about who her father really was Olivia decided to join Terran Imperial Academy at the age of 22 in order to find a place away from her mother's abuse.

Olivia began her attendance of Terran Imperial Academy in 2359 while Olivia was an excellent student after only a few months she began to see all too well the extreme academy politics mainly consisting of advancing through the cadet ranks by either secret assassination (some of which is secretly encouraged or simply overlooked by many Imperial instructors) or by violent public humiliation (primarily by rape or other means of sexual assault or harassment).

As a result, she is often quick to believe victim's stories.

Her partner Typhuss James Halliwell is often more skeptical of victim's accounts, which often brings the two partners into conflict.

Olivia was part of Hoshi Sato IV's plan to remove Kathryn Janeway from the throne and their efforts succeeded in 2384 when Hoshi Sato IV became Empress.

In gratitude, Sato IV promoted Benson to Captain of her personal guard. Olivia Jane Benson was born on August 18th, 2338 in New York city, New York on Terra to Serena Benson and MACO officer Joseph Hollister whom Olivia didn't know even was her father until many years later.

Many years after this Olivia discovers that she was the center of a gang rape and possible murder plot and so she confronted her attackers head on.

Due to her elite weapons and hand to hand training she nearly killed the thirty men that were involved in the plot.

Such as when she interrogated a man until he confessed to a crime which he was later found to be innocent of and sending him to prison for life, which could have been avoided if she was thinking clearly enough to check on the evidence.

Olivia is deeply empathetic with victims of sex crimes.

In an alternate mirror universe, Olivia Benson is a female Terran IBCI and TMACO officer assigned to Terran Imperial warship ISS Voyager and served as the Captain's personal guard for Imperial command officer Kathryn Janeway.

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